Conference Program is now available.

List of accepted papers

  1. Hongjie Fang and Roman Obermaisser. Execution Environment for Mixed-Criticality Train Applications based on an Integrated Architecture
  2. Alaa Abu Mezied and Ashraf Alattar. Medical Image Retrieval Based on Gray Cluster Co-occurrence Matrix and Edge Strength Levels
  3. Mohd Shawal Jadin, Ng Boon Khai, Norizam Sulaiman and Wael A. Salah. Hotspot Detection for Wall-Mounted Air-Conditioner System
  4. Talal Skaik. A Quad-band Rectifier Design with Improved Matching Bandwidth for RF Energy Harvesting Applications
  5. Imad Shaheen, Prof. Dr Abdelhalim Zekry, Prof. Dr Fatma Newagy and Prof. Dr Reem Ibrahim. PAPR Reduction of FBMC/OQAM Systems Based on Combination of DST Precoding and A-law Nonlinear Companding Technique
  6. Paula Silva and Hossam A.Gabbar. Fault Diagnosis in Transmission Lines Based on Leakage Current and Qualitative Trend Analysis
  7. Mohamed Abu Nasr and Hatem El-Aydi. Fuzzy Gain Scheduling Control For A Special Case of 2nd Order Non-Linear Systems
  8. Georg Helbing and Matthias Ritter. Power Curve Monitoring with Flexible EWMA Control Charts
  9. Mohammad Aqel, Ahmed Issa, Mohammed Khdair, Majde Elhabbash, Mohammed Abubaker and Mohammed Massoud. Intelligent Maze Solving Robot Based on Image Processing and Graph Theory Algorithms
  10. Mahmoud Abu Ghosh and Ashraf Maghari. A Comparative Study on Handwriting Digit Recognition Using Neural Networks
  11. Ahmed Issa, Mohammad O. A. Aqel, Mahmoud M. Albelbeisi, Majd O. Elaila and Malek A. Mortaja. Palletizing manipulator design and control using Arduino and MATLAB
  12. Haifaa Safi and Ashraf Maghari. Image Encryption using double chaotic logistic map
  13. Mohammed Zoroub and Ashraf Y. A. Maghari. Candidate Teacher Performance Prediction Using Classification Techniques – A Case Study of high schools In Gaza-Strip
  14. Mohammed Abusaada, Talal Skaik and Ramadan Alhalabi. Design of Efficient Microstrip Linear Antenna Array for 5G Communications Systems
  15. Ayman Murshed, Mohammed Abuteir and Roman Obermaisser. Validation Framework for Time-Triggered System-of-Systems
  16. Ahmed Issa, Mohammad Aqel, Ali Tubail, Yaser Alkayyali, Abdelkareem Alay and Mosab Ferwana. Vision assisted SCARA manipulator design and control using Arduino and LabVIEW
  17. Wael Al Sarraj and Mohammad Zurob. Towards Rules Induction Optimization for Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis: An Empirical Study
  18. Wael Said, Hossam A. Gaber and Abdelkader Mami. Sizing and simulation of an energy sufficient stand-alone PV pumping system
  19. Hala El-Khozondar, Mohamed Shabat and Ahmed Alshembari. Characteristics of solar cell (PV) waveguide structure using Transfer Matrix Method
  20. Abdalla Wasef Marashdih and Zarul Fitri Zaaba. Detection and Removing Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability in PHP Web Application
  21. Jamal Elzebda, Mohammed Msallam and Mohammed Alyazouri. Power Generation Using Hydraulic & Double Crank Shaft Speed Breakers – Gaza Strip
  22. Salaheddin Odeh and Daniel Voskergian. Mobile Computing Based Rationalization for Energy Consumption
  23. Yousef Hamouda. Smart Irrigation Decision Support based on Fuzzy Logic using Wireless Sensor Network
  24. Jalal Al Roumy. Analysis of the different acquisition schemes in an optical feedback interferometry sensor
  25. Morad Abu Mansi, Ahmad Elkronz, Mohammed Abu Hatab and Fathi Qaoud. Mobile Educational Workbench for Classical and Programmable Control Applications